Tuonetar's journal

Let's see how this will turn out!

About me

18 years old, female. Interested in true crime, philosophy, history, reading, writing and languages. I'll use this site as my journal. I am a friend of nature and it is my number one priority.


Always be precise and calm.

What do I want now?

Finish reading the book.
Buy that pencil.




Day by day I hate the human race more and more.


I met a friend today. I'm pretty sure she hates me.


Lightning a candle for him today. I love you. :(

How fucking much I hate the world... It has abandoned me. Every time I think something good is happening it all turns to shit. I just want to feel something. I felt like this for a long time, but a while ago it changed a bit. But now all I feel is hate, sadness and emptiness again. I hate this shit.


This site is complete trash. I will probably be publishing my new site soon. I edited this site to look a bit similar with the background and the colors but still, it's trash. The new site will be mostly in Finnish but it will also have English parts for my foreign friends and others interested.


I can't control myself anymore like I used to.


Music recommendations:

  • Suicide Commando: Feeding My Inner Hate - When Evil Speaks
  • Grendel: Void Malign
  • KMFDM: Anarchy
  • Bones & Eddy Baker: LooseScrew
  • uralic